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SCHNABL (Austria) ir worldwide market-leader in the field of screwless fastening systems. They are constantly analysing the process of electrical installation and developing innovative products that save you time! Schanbl produces UV resistant and halogen-free fastening elements for:


  • Cable installation;
  • Conduit installation;
  • Surface and recessed installations;
  • Installation in drywall and insulation.

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The Schnabl System 

Schnabl UPD Under Plaster Box Protector 

Schnabl Cable installation 

Schnabl conduit installation 

Schnabl solutions 

Schnabl Buried installation 

Schnabl time comparison 

Schnabl MDSN Metal dowel fastening nail 



Product Catalogue

For cable and pipe installation 

For recessed installation and in dry wall 

FC Flexi-Clip 

DHI Insulation fixing 

Schnabl MDSN Metal dowel fastening nail 

Comparison of time by TUV